Being a Better Leader in 2021

This time last year, the coronavirus pandemic really started to change how everyone does business. With the continuing impact of the pandemic, there has been an influx of change in leadership style as well. Leaders are practicing more compassion, working to create more positive work environments, and putting emphasis on creative thinking and diversity. This year, focus on being a better leader for your firm so we can make 2021 better than 2020!

1. Show support to your team members

As we saw in 2020, a lot of workers across the nation had to deal with unthinkable situations and scenarios they never thought they would see. Some of your team members might be dealing with things behind the scenes that you are not aware of. As their leader, make sure you show your team support and compassion. It is probably time to invest more time and effort into your relationships with them, especially if you are all working remotely. Show your team that you care and are willing to provide support should they need it.

2. Recognize effort

Whether you and your team are working in office, or remotely, a great way to keep the morale high and keep your team feeling confident about their work is to recognize their hard work. As previously mentioned, your team members might be dealing with difficult things they never imagined possible, so were not prepared for. Providing them with recognition is a great way to inspire motivation and keep confidence high (Forbes).

3. Listen to feedback

A great strategy to implement with your team, or even your clients, is to implement feedback forms or surveys. By listening to direct feedback on the effectiveness of your leadership, you will be able to better list out the best practices for your team; therefore, providing your clients and the best service possible.

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