Best Ways to Connect with Clients

Are you looking for new ways to connect with prospects and strengthen relationships with clients? Whether your goal is to convert leads to clients or you simply want to enhance your business, there is always room for improvement when it comes to relating to your clients.

Here are just a few tips for you to put into practice to make you more relatable and personable as a financial professional!

#1: Practice Being a Good Listener

People want to be heard. Especially when it comes to a conversation about their finances. While being a good listener sounds easy in theory, it can be much more difficult in real-life situations. However, you can stand out amongst your competitors by practicing active listening and focusing on the needs of the client.

Consultations should be about them, not you. Allow the client to lead the conversation. While it may feel unnatural in the beginning, this approach allows the client to share what’s important to them and encourages an open, honest dialogue as you enter into the new business relationship.

#2 - Be Strategic with Your Questions

Both new and existing clients can be uncomfortable sharing about themselves, especially when it comes to their finances. Be strategic in how you engage them. Open-ended questions provoke a more meaningful and actionable response than those that require a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead of asking “Are you prepared for retirement?” ask “What is your biggest concern regarding your retirement?”. This approach will encourage an open, honest dialogue and allow you to better service them in the long-run.

#3 - Be Memorable

Sometimes the difference between winning new relationships or keeping existing clients is how you connect on a personal level. Listen for shared interests, lifestyle and ideologies and be prepared with your strongest conversation points to encourage connection and create memorability.

Whether you connect on being a parent, graduating from the same university, or a mutual love of fishing, it’s important to build common ground that fosters trust between you as you work towards a deeper client relationship.

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