The Best Ways to Use Video as a Financial Professional

The financial landscape isn’t the only thing that’s changing. So is the way we approach how we market ourselves! There’s no denying that videos are a powerful and professional way to promote oneself. Not only does video marketing increase your search engine ranking and keep your viewers on your website longer, but it introduces you as an industry specialist and begins the personal relationship between you and your prospects.

But what are the best ways to market yourself using video to gain actual results? It’s easy to find yourself creating videos without a goal in mind but putting these tips into action will help you increase your leads and grow your practice.

#1 Use Videos to Get Your Message Across

Most people are overwhelmed by a large piece of text. Instead of turning prospects away, transform a long piece of writing into a short video that gets straight to the point in a friendly manner. This way, you’ll be able to entertain and inform at the same time. People process information better visually, so utilize this shorter amount of time to make a bigger impact and gain better results.

#2 Repurpose Your Videos

Creating a video can seem more intimidating than other marketing efforts, but videos can be used in many different ways. While you should film something with the intention of using it to meet a goal, your video can likely be repurposed to meet the other goals you’d like to reach.

Maybe you want to post a video of yourself discussing a hot topic in the industry in pursuit of increasing your business’ Facebook page likes. This would be a piece of content that could also be sent out in your monthly newsletter, featured on your website, or used in a presentation. If you’re going to take the time to create a video, use it to your advantage!

#3 Use the Right Type of Videos

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your videos need to exhibit high-level knowledge that only a niche audience will appreciate. In actuality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While you should share videos featuring advice on specific topics, interesting trends and the news, you shouldn’t shy away from filming some base level clips as well.

A lot of financial professionals prefer to use animated featurettes about their firm but try filming actual people to place on your homepage. Prospects want to get to know you before taking the next step, so this is a great way to make sure you make a great first impression. With video, you can film as many takes as needed to ensure that your practice gets it right!

Ready to pull out your camera? You’ll be all set by creating purposeful video content that you can repeatedly use in your prospecting efforts.

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Producers should follow the approval requirements of the carriers they represent and their broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, if applicable.

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