5 Easy Steps to Having a Better Relationship with Your Clients

As a leader of any business or company, it is imperative that you nurture your relationship with your clients. Business success comes from client relationships, and client relationships are developed when they are prioritized. While gaining clients is great, retention is just as important! To gain and retain your clients, follow these five easy steps!

1. Communication Is Key

This one might sound cliché, but it is a priority that some fail to put at the top of their list. Communicating with your clients regularly prevents error and dissatisfaction from taking place. Reaching out first and making sure to respond to emails or calls promptly are great ways to provide exceptional communication to your clients.

2. Be Proactive

Being proactive in your business means to update your clients on their progress before they request it. By frequently involving your clients in what is going on, you can prevent confusion, frustration and your client won’t be hounding you for updates. However, it is important to keep in mind that while being proactive, you do not want to oversell yourself, as that can lead to disappointment and unmet expectations.

3. Use the Phone

While making a phone call may seem like taboo these days, as almost everything can be communicated screen-to-screen, making a phone call instead can go a long way. Sure, it is easy to send an email to communicate with your clients, but calling makes the relationship between you more open and personal. Additionally, the information that you would be exchanging back and forth over email is addressed instantly and more efficiently via a phone call.

4. Set Mutual Goals

If your client believes one thing and you believe another, it will be necessary to devise a mutual plan. As soon as a prospect changes to a client, you must nail down what needs to be done to meet both of your objectives. Therefore, mutual goals must be set for the success of the business.

5. Emojis and GIFs Go a Long Way

Including an emoji or GIF is a great way to make sure there is minimal miscommunication or misinterpretation in an email. We have all sent and/or received an email that reads a different way than anticipated. Sending an emoji or a GIF at the end of an email is a great way to make sure it was interpreted positively and not passively!

When it comes to being a leader, there are many things you can do to create or improve relationships with your clients. Client relationships are more essential for your businesses’ success today, so it is crucial to make sure you implement the tips above.

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