5 Ways You’re Using LinkedIn Wrong as a Financial Professional

You’re probably aware of the success the professional networking website LinkedIn has found. With over 575 million users and 260 million active users, being able to market to your target audience is simpler than ever before. But with most users only spending 17 minutes on the platform per month, it’s increasingly important to make the right moves on your profile to attract and retain prospects.

We’ve gathered the 5 common mishaps most financial professionals make on LinkedIn. To learn more, keep reading!

#1 You Don’t Have Any Images

On a platform based on making connections with others, users want to see the face behind the conversation and relationship being formed. Not only do users want to see who they’re speaking with, but a professional shot that instills a sense of confidence, in that they are truly speaking with an industry expert. Not only should you have a profile photo to represent yourself, but a header image that reflects your brand. This step may not seem important but without any images, you’re missing out on a large opportunity to showcase what you do and who you are. This is also a great way to feature basic contact information like your email, phone number, and social media handles.

#2 Your Bio is Boring

On social media, you have the power to control the first impression you make on a prospect. Shouldn’t you strive to make it the best? Forget simple statements like “My name is __ and I work at __ doing ___.” Tell us who you really are! If you want a lead to choose you, show off your personality and make yourself someone worth choosing.

#3 You Aren’t Directing Traffic to Your Website

Step one is getting the lead. But how do you convert them? If you’re not directing connections to a personal or business website, you’re losing any traffic you’ve gained through your LinkedIn efforts. Users want to go somewhere to learn more, so feature the site of your choosing on your profile for easy access and a user-friendly experience.

#4 You Aren’t Connecting with Others

Like business, LinkedIn is all about connections. It may be ages since you’ve spoken with someone, but this is the perfect platform to use to reach out to them. Connect with old friends, bosses and colleagues with a message about a memory you share. You don’t always have to give a hard pitch to begin the conversation and you never know who they can connect you with.

#5 You Aren’t Active on LinkedIn

The point of a social media profile is just that; to be social! Make sure to stay active by liking, commenting and sharing others’ posts. Additionally, share your own thoughts and images. Your connections are useless without updates, but there is power in consistently interacting online.

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