How TruChoice Helps Financial Professionals

Why should you leave your future up to chance?

There are many options to consider when choosing an FMO, but our solutions are different.

If you are an independent financial professional, we want to offer you comprehensive marketing and selling solutions that make you unique to your competitors. At TruChoice, our firm has garnered a unique retail perspective due to our unrivaled relationship with a consultative team of retail practitioners. In fact, our solutions are built by top producers, for top producers, and through the help of our member firms, we are able to offer a full slate of marketing solutions and product options, along with experienced Wholesalers and support.

We understand you must incorporate multiple avenues to reach clients and prospects. We believe we are uniquely prepared to help you navigate the changing financial and regulatory landscape and better position your practice for growth. We’ve even been able to add two new life-insurance focused platforms to our “producer portal”- a Life Insurance Policy Review Kit and Executive Bonus Plans – giving us six exciting programs to help you grow your business!

By joining forces as a marketing group under one name, we have been able to gain scale in the marketplace and do more together for the financial professional in the way of marketing and sales systems, compared to what each firm could alone. It’s about being able to offer more value, training and technical expertise to the customer.

TruChoice Financial Group is trusted by many of the industry’s most successful financial professionals, and most established carriers. In 2017, our founding member-firms helped producers like you close over $2.4 billion in fixed index annuity sales and $23.3 million of life insurance business.

Additionally, we know how hard you work to get a new client. We are responsive to your needs, to make sure you have the resources, tools and support you need to close the sale. Our solutions are built by top producers, for top producers. Our field-tested marketing solutions, exclusive product options and experienced Wholesalers are unrivaled in the industry.

The financial landscape is changing. If you’re ready to accelerate the growth of your practice and attain new levels of success, TruChoice is the choice for you.

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