How to Make Your Workday More Productive

Ready to take your workday to the next level? There is no better feeling than walking away from your desk knowing that you have accomplished everything on your to-do list. No matter what you’re currently working on, it always helps to find new ways to be efficient and effective. If you want to increase your productivity, here are some great tips to follow!

#1 Prioritize Your Goals

Your to-do list can be daunting, but productivity is heavily reliant upon the order in which you set the tasks before yourself. Assign times on tasks from your to-do list to keep on schedule and assess your progress against your goals. Determine when you are most productive and allocate that time to tackle the tasks involving a higher level of concentration. For most people, taking on assignments that feel like chores first thing in the morning gives them the rush of productivity they need throughout the rest of their day. Without feeling the urge to procrastinate, you’re free to tackle the next project.

#2 Shorten Your To-Do List

It’s hard to find motivation to keep up your productivity when you are drowning in a mountain of work assignments that you can’t seem to make a dent in. Instead of carrying a long list of tasks over into the next workday, create a list of 3-5 goals that you MUST accomplish before you leave for the day. This way, you can walk away feeling accomplished, focused, and on track for what needs to be done throughout the remainder of your week.

#3 Take Breaks and Reward Yourself

It might seem counterintuitive to take breaks to be more productive, but taking breaks is what gives you the headspace needed to take on upcoming tasks. You may assume that multitasking is productive, but believe it or not, it makes it harder to complete your tasks due to changing attention spans. In fact, research has proven that multitasking can take up to 40% of your time, leaving you less time to focus on the most urgent tasks on your list.

Instead, work in shorter increments and then reward yourself with a short break of something that won’t pull you away from your work too long. For example, take time to stretch, walk, or practice breathing exercises.

#4 Finish Off Strong

Once you are done for the day, this is the perfect time to reassess what you have done. If you are lacking confidence on any of the tasks you worked on, go back and make sure everything is completed and up to par. This way, the work will be finished and won’t be carried over into the tasks that wait for you tomorrow.

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