5 Ways You’re Using LinkedIn Wrong as a Financial Professional

You’re probably aware of the success the professional networking website LinkedIn has found. With over 575 million users and 260 million active users, being able to market to your target audience is simpler than ever before. But with most users only spending 17 minutes on the platform per month, it’s increasingly important to make the right moves on your profile to attract and retain prospects.

We’ve gathered the 5 common mishaps most financial professionals make on LinkedIn. To learn more, keep reading!

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4 Ways to Effectively Narrow Your Target Audience

When marketing oneself to prospective clients, it would be much easier to assume that everyone can benefit from your services. But by directing your marketing efforts to a select group of people who possess the ideals of your dream client, your chances of generating a lead that becomes a conversion increases tremendously. When you focus your time, money and energy into an avenue where potential clients can be impacted by your efforts, your results will speak volumes.

Are you ready to increase your chances by altering your marketing strategy? We’ve gathered four tips to ensure the way you market seems effortless while being undeniably effective.

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A New Choice: TruChoice

The financial landscape is changing, and we have decided to change with it.

We understand that as a producer, you want to position your practice for growth. But with industry shifts, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve success. Knowing this, why would you leave your future up to chance?

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TruChoice Q & A

The financial landscape is changing and so are we.

For over 110 cumulative years, we have offered wholesaled fixed index annuities, life and long-term care insurance with our founding member-firms. While we are no strangers to the industry, we recognize that you most likely have a few questions about our firm. Here are just a few answers to the questions you may have!

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