Planning Content Properly for the Holiday Season

When we say planning properly for the holiday season, we are talking about your social media marketing plan. As a financial professional, this year has proven to be topsy-turvy and uncertain. However, one certain thing is that the holiday season has arrived! Now is the time to start planning your social media content for this season to ensure you reach peak engagement on your social platforms. Keep reading to learn some tips!

1. Plan Ahead

With all the changes that the coronavirus pandemic has placed on what used to be our “normal” lives, it is important to have a marketing plan in place for the holidays. The best thing you can do for your holiday content is to plan it ahead of time. We have already passed Halloween; however, there are numerous opportunities to still boost your posts for the rest of the holiday season. So, if you have not already planned your content, now is a great time to start! You will most likely be very busy during the peak of the holiday season, so it is a great idea to get ahead of the game.

2. Get Personal

Do not be afraid to post personal photos for the holiday season! Depending on your company’s guidelines and rules, social media posts including a personal message or photo typically perform very well on social media in terms of engagement. It is always a great idea to throw some personal posts in the mix with your current content, even if it is not the holiday season! Some ideas for personal content during the holidays include photos of fall décor around the office, team photos with quotes about what your team members are thankful for, photos of December holiday décor, and even New Year’s posts!

3. Ask for Engagement

It never hurts to make posts that ask a question, such as “What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?” These are the types of posts that give a personal edge while adhering to what is trending at the time. These types of posts are what will help boost your analytics and improve your rankings on each social media platform. The more you post, and the more engagement you will have, the more your brand will be seen!

As you continue to post on social media, perhaps about financial information, the services you offer, or how you run your business, it is a great idea to also throw in some posts relevant to what is going on at the time. Doing so will get your social media campaigns rolling for optimal engagement and success on each platform.

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