Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Firm Be On?

Whether you are looking to get started on social media, switch up your strategy, or determine what other platforms you want to add, knowing what each social media platform is best used for is key to determining which are best for your business. Because this is the age of social media, there is a platform that meets your business’ goals. Want to find out which platforms your business should be on? Keep reading!


Facebook is the most widely known social media platform out there. With over two billion users, over 1/3 of the world’s population, having an account, this platform is great for businesses. It is awesome for turning your clientele into a community. Facebook is easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices and provides different ad options for all budgets and expertise levels. With the ability to live stream, advertise, share photos, videos, answer questions, and more, Facebook is your one-stop-shop for all things social media.


For those who like to share content and actively participate in the conversation, Twitter is the place for your business. With hundreds of millions of active users, including most brands and companies, Twitter streams information in chronological order. The information shared through this platform is limited to 280 characters per tweet. In one tweet, you can share a photo, video or link, as well as concise information that could appeal to your ideal audience.


When looking for a social media outlet that is professional and straight forward, LinkedIn is the place to be. It is comprised of business professionals and workers that connect professionally and formally to promote B2B marketing. Additionally, the platform holds virtual resumes for potential consumers, employees, employers and more. LinkedIn is the platform for generating leads. A highlight of actively using this platform is that Google will rank your profile or business profile higher based on the strength of your profile and the amount of Google searches. LinkedIn also brings an increase in website traffic to businesses – hello, inbound marketing! If you are looking for a platform to target specific groups of people and types of businesses, look to LinkedIn.

There are many more social media platforms that could be best for marketing your firm, however, in terms of popularity, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are amongst the best for branding, generating leads, and gaining future clients. Another key factor to consider when determining which social media platforms your firm should be on is what your overall social media goals are. Once these goals are outlined, it will be easier to pinpoint exactly where you want to be posting content and advertising for your brand. Keep in mind, that depending on what your compliance allows, you could be limited to certain platforms.

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