Thriving in a Virtual World

We know that the switch from almost everything being in-person to almost everything being virtual has been difficult for many financial professionals. There are numerous strategies that financial professionals should be implementing regarding their goals. From the huge number of events being cancelled, and face-to-face meetings being switched to Zoom or GoToMeeting, we are experiencing an entirely new world. Keep reading to learn how to thrive in today’s new normal.

What to do moving forward?

Virtual meetings have a great significance now! We have talked about the benefits of switching to virtual meetings in other blogs, but you are able to do almost everything virtually these days. Working with your existing clients, new clients, prospects, and getting referrals are all attainable virtually if you put the work in and work on relearning how to sell in this environment.

Using social media to market and put yourself out there has always been a recommended practice for financial professionals. Given that you follow your compliance guidelines and rules, you can be incredibly successful in maintaining relationships with your current clients, setting up new meetings with potential clients, and generating referrals with those in your network.

One thing you need to make sure you are doing on social media is being different than the others in your network. There are plenty of financial professionals using the same turnkey, cookie-cutter methods to run their social media and generate engagement from it. You need to make sure you stand out here. Why? Well, most businesses use social media, so you must differ from them for prospects to see your name, write it down, and contact you back. Check out this blog to see how to use social media to your advantage when looking to increase your use of social media marketing and this blog to learn which platforms you should be on. Social media marketing is something you have to be taking advantage of right now to stay relevant.

As a financial professional, your business is completely relationship-based. Your services are your knowledge, products, and information. If you continue to use the same turnkey, cookie-cutter social media marketing techniques, you will not stand out from the crowd so prospects know you are someone who can offer them value regarding their financial futures. It is up to you to change that.

A key tip in developing and maintaining client relationships during this time is to stay in touch. By staying in touch with your clients and even prospects, you are offering them reassurance, availability, opportunities, confidence, and comfort. Your clients will appreciate this, and so will the prospects that have been eyeballing your social media pages.

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Financial professionals should follow the approval requirements of the carriers they represent and their Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser, if applicable

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