Turning Your Seminar into a Webinar

Holding a seminar is a popular way to teach potential customers about a product or service that you and your company offer. Gathering a group of people to tell them all at the same time about what you do is a great way to get new clients. Let alone the pandemic that has kept you at a distance from your clients and prospects, holding a traditional seminar can be very time consuming, costly, and it doesn’t always reap the benefits that you had hoped it would, making you feel like it was a waste of your efforts. Turning your seminar into a webinar is a much simpler and cost-effective way to raise the same, if not more, opportunities for your business while cutting out some of the hassles.

More Cost-Effective

Taking the time to think about all the different costs associated with hosting a seminar, such as travel, refreshments, and renting a space, it’s easy to see how moving your seminars online can save you money. There are, of course, still costs associated with running webinars, but they won’t add up even close to what you would have spent on an in-person event. This is great news for your bottom line.

Increased Turn Around

Hosting multiple webinars in one month is much more doable than trying to host multiple in-person seminars. Getting people to sign up and attend your webinar is much simpler than getting them to commit to traveling to your seminar. This means you will be able to reach more prospects throughout the year which in turn could mean you get more clients. Additionally, you can automate your webinars, so you don’t necessarily need to be there to talk the attendees through your product while you spend valuable time on the other aspects of your business.

Versatile Software

Webinar software has capabilities to offer you the versatility to structure your webinar however you want. If you want to simply give information to your prospects with limited interaction from them, this is a good option to get your message across quickly and find the people who are interested in what you have to offer. If you want more of an interactive webinar where your viewers can ask questions throughout and engage with your content, this is also a good option to gauge your customer’s interest. Most software can do that, but make sure you complete the research before choosing which software you are going with.

Easy to Follow Up

Many webinar platforms offer you an easy way to follow up with each person who registered for your webinar. Whether they sat through the whole thing, left early, or were a no show, you can automate messages to go out to them and remind them of the services or products you have to offer. Following up after your webinar is the most important thing you can do to get those prospects and clients talking to you about what you are offering.

Producers should follow the approval requirements of the carriers they represent and their Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser, if applicable.

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