Using LinkedIn to Boost SEO

The financial landscape isn’t the only thing that’s changing. So is the way we approach how we market ourselves online! Now that we’ve discussed the importance of SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization”, it’s time to get into how your social media presence has the power to improve your ranking amongst competitors in the results section of popular search engines, such as Google.

One of the most popular social media platforms in the financial services industry is LinkedIn. Besides being a powerful tool to connect with new people, maintain relationships, and share information, LinkedIn is a great way to increase your business’ SEO.

Here are just a few simple tweaks you can make to your profile to help you rank higher!

#1: Complete Your Profile

While this may seem elementary, many LinkedIn users don’t take the time to fully complete their profile. An incomplete profile may lead to missed opportunities to build credibility or strengthen your SEO. When completing your profile: use a professional profile image. Ask for recommendations from your professional network. Complete and polish your job descriptions and include samples and links to your work. Take advantage of sections that are often skipped, such as “Honors & Awards”, “Skills”, and “Education”. Additionally, ask connections to leave you endorsements to increase the strength of your profile.

#2: Keyword-Optimize Your Profile

On the LinkedIn network, it is an acceptable practice to tweak job titles to include keywords that you want Google to associate with you. For instance, a “Manager” could refine their title to be more role-specific, such as “Administrative Services Manager”.

There are multiple sections of your profile that may be keyword-optimized, in addition to your job titles, to help build your SEO such as the summary and experience sections. Avoid “keyword-stuffing”, a technique in which keywords are loaded into your visible content or link anchor text, to help ensure your profile is a compelling read for potential leads.

#3: Make Networking a Priority

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. Both your personal connections and your LinkedIn Groups are important to building your network. Maintaining and making new connections consistently may help optimize your profile, as LinkedIn search results prioritizes profiles that have connections on their network.

A hidden benefit of joining LinkedIn groups is that you not only expand your network, but you can also improve your SEO performance. When you join a LinkedIn group, the group name is published to your profile causing the search engines to crawl through your titles and share what you do. To optimize your networking and SEO, we recommend joining groups that will enhance your profile professionally, such as “Atlanta Financial Advisors”.

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