What is Sales Navigator and Why Do I Need It?

Marketing yourself on LinkedIn is not only a cost-effective way to stay current with unreached prospects, but a recent technique that has proven itself to be highly successful for many professionals in the financial industry. LinkedIn allows you to foster a meaningful relationship with those who fit the criteria of people you want to connect with. But how do you find those people?

You may have noticed that LinkedIn offers a recruiting upgrade tool called Sales Navigator that makes it easier than ever to find your audience online and start a direct relationship with them. If you’re not seeing the results you’d like to from your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, then maybe it’s time to give it a try! (In fact, currently, your first month with Sales Navigator is free!)

LinkedIn leverages their network of users on the platform by recommending profiles that fit the specific demographic you’re looking for. Here are just a few ways Sales Navigator allows you to refine your search parameters:

Location: Looking to message users in a specific area? LinkedIn’s free version only lets you look in the more prominent areas of states, but Sales Navigator dissects places like the “Greater St. Louis Area” into distinct cities.

Industry: While LinkedIn’s free version offers some larger industries to search within, Sales Navigator offers more specific options to make sure you find the right professional you want to reach.

Years of Experience: If you’re looking to contact someone who’s nearing retirement, searching for just their job title won’t be enough. This tool lets you find people in your target age range by giving you ways to gauge their age based on their career. For instance, you can target by seniority level, which would be anywhere from entry level to CEO, years of experience and even years at a company.

3rd+ Degree Connections: LinkedIn has just recently removed the ability to search for 3rd degree connections within their free accounts. In case you don’t know, 1st degree connections are the people you’re directly connected to, 2nd degree connections are those connected to your 1st degree connections, and 3rd degree connections are people connected to your 2nd degree connections. Essentially, this move has minimized your reach and the amount of people you can “know in common” with those you’re looking for.

Sales Navigator costs $79.99 a month but you can request a 30-day free trial to test the software out. Even though this program gives you search capabilities you didn’t have before, Sales Navigator is fruitless if you don’t engage with your connections! If you’re looking for a specific person online, Sales Navigator may just be the best tool for you.

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