Working from Home: Best Practices

While some parts of the country have shifted back into the office, many Americans are still working from home. As employees have gotten more comfortable with the shift of their work environment, there is also a belief that working from home fosters a low productivity rate due to a plethora of distractions. For some, this is true; however, there are several practices you can begin to implement to make the most out of your home office.

Set Aside Your Own Workspace

If you have not already done so, stop working from the couch. Now is the time to designate a specific spot in your home to work. Mimic your office desk if possible. This way, you can separate your work life from your home life. This can be a difficult task, especially as you have likely been working from home since the start of the pandemic, but it is never too late to improve your work environment. Creating a separate workspace for yourself will pay off in the long run, as you will feel less stressed, more focused, and increase the likelihood of staying on task.

Keep Up with Your Office Dress Code

It is normal to want to be comfortable when you are at home. However, now that your full-time occupation has turned from in-office to at-home, you need to prevent yourself from getting too comfortable in your workday. If you have been working at home for a while now and need to boost your momentum, believe it or not, dressing for work may help! If you are a financial professional, you have most likely been doing multiple video calls via Zoom, Webex, or GoToMeeting over the last few months, which means you have had to dress for your virtual meetings anyway. Try it out and see!

Stick to Your Usual Schedule

If you were at your office, you would be following a schedule, i.e., from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. At home, you need to be following the same schedule. Working earlier and later just because you are at home will ultimately decrease your productivity over time, as you will be over-working yourself and not taking care of your mental health. Wanting the best for your clients is one thing, but you also need to take care of yourself to provide the best service to them moving forward.

Kickstart your day with these three tips, and you are bound to improve your day working from home! There are numerous methods you can implement to improve and maximize your work-from-home experience. Check out our other blogs to learn more!

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