The Biggest Website Mistakes Financial Professionals Make

In this digital world, having a website has become a necessity for your business, whether big or small. Websites help you establish credibility and create opportunities to market and grow your business. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you gain. Yet, there are a few key errors that many financial professionals make when creating their website.

Are you making any of these website mistakes?

Mistake #1: Not Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Over 52% of web traffic comes from mobile devices! Knowing this, it’s imperative that your website design adapts to mobile browsers in order to reach your target audience, no matter what age they are. You want to make it easy for your potential customers to do business with you. By making sure your website is mobile friendly, you’ll make it easier for them to learn about your business and contact you.

Mistake #2: Not Including Your Website in Your Marketing Plan

If you have a website, it should be a focal point in your marketing strategy. With a strong website, you’ll constantly have a reliable source that you can direct users to that holds critical information you want your target audience to be informed of. Involve it in your newsletters, social media posts and e-mail signature. Once your website is perfected, it is the ideal tool to continually refer back to.

Mistake #3: Not Keeping It Up-to-Date

It’s important to keep your website up-to-date to show your leads that you care about them and your business. Without active updates, your website may have information that is no longer accurate, and visitors may wonder what happened to you. This is how your website can destroy your credibility. A great way to keep your site updated is to create a consistent blogging schedule, which also helps with SEO.

Additionally, your website is of no use if it is unavailable or lacking important information. Make sure you are consistently checking in to make sure your website is up and running with the correct information, such as your operating hours or an updated staff list.

Mistake #4: A Lack of Unique Content

What makes you stand out from your competition? What does your ideal client look like?

These are the questions you must think of when assessing your current website. View your site through the eyes of a prospect. You want your website to solve their issues in a unique and personable way. So, instead of having a generic website that aims to solve everyone’s financial troubles, figure out the most important problems your target audience faces and cater towards them.

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