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You have your clients’ backs. We have yours. It’s that simple.

Whatever your focus, whatever your Tru, we provide TruSolutions designed to be the difference-makers on the path to your Tru.

Marketing that Matters

Let us be the difference-maker in your marketing strategy.

Whether you want to find new prospects, inject some life into your current seminar campaigns, or are looking for turnkey consumer platforms, we can help make sure that your marketing efforts are working as hard as you!

Branding & Advertising Opportunities

Stand out! We can help you develop a memorable brand, create unique messaging, and cut through the seemingly endless options to find advertising mediums that work for you.

Prospecting & Lead Generation Solutions

Want more prospects? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of strategies, from direct mail to seminars to client events and more!

Customizable Consumer Platforms

Through proprietary platforms like Retirement Roadblocks™, we make it easy for you! We offer turnkey programs, developed by top financial professionals and proven to drive results.

Grow your practice with Retirement Roadblocks™

Featuring the 7 financial risks to avoid in retirement!

This proprietary, turnkey, fully customizable consumer marketing platform has everything you need to uncover new leads and close more business.

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Training that Transforms

Want to keep climbing higher? Never stop learning.

Tap into the sales ideas, mentorship, and networking opportunities that have helped other top professionals climb higher!

Live Events

Hear from top industry speakers and interact with peers from around the country

Digital Events

Access easy-to-implement marketing and sales ideas on-the-go


Top financial professionals and elite coaches help bring out your personal best


We don't just surround you with amazing people, we also provide you with an assortment of amazing tools to help your clients achieve their financial goals.

Online Portal

Log in 24/7 to access your production dashboard, e-application tools, calculators, sales concepts, marketing platforms, a training webinar library, online contracting, and more!


A variety of online calculators allows you to plug in clients’ numbers and get results in real time to help illustrate concepts and uncover potential opportunities.

Sales Concepts

Find new sales opportunities with easy-to-implement, cutting-edge sales concepts that have been tested in the field and refined to drive results.

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To learn about the TruSolutions opportunities awaiting your business, contact a TruChoice Wholesaler. Call 800.237.0263!

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